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The Atrium Bar, Crown Towers Melbourne

The Atrium Bar at Crown Towers Melbourne is the most recent bespoke project from Brintons collaborating with Bates Smart. This cocktail lounge is an intimate, richly decorated elevated platform creating a glamorous meeting place.

The pattern making of the carpet was greatly influenced by the sinuous geometry of the customised crystal wall screen which forms the defining boundary in a space free of walls.

The level of precision required to create these carpets was critical to achieving a cohesive union of screen and carpet elements. The colour palette needed to be luxuriously rich to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Bates Smart have enjoyed a rewarding 20 year collaboration with Brintons to create a unique suite of carpet designs for Crown Hotels and Casinos in Melbourne and Perth. Brintons have worked very closely with us to interpret and develop Bates Smart's designs, creating highly valued carpets in each of these hospitality spaces. Brintons have fully delivered on this brief to create outstanding, signature carpets for the Atrium Bar.

Sarah Exner

Marketing Manager, Bates Smart

Project name The Atrium Bar, Crown Towers Melbourne
Project details 20,000 sq feet
Designer Bates Smart
Installed 2013

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