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St Regis Bahia Beach

NuHouse Design was responsible for shaping the interior at the new St Regis Bahia boutique hotel in Puerto Rico. Collaberating with Brintons on previous projects, they were confident that the company would be able to supply the carpeting solution for the ballrooms and meeting room spaces at the hotel.

The Brintons design team created a bespoke large-scale pattern for use at the St Regis Bahia Beach. The elements at the heart of the design were abstracted sea grapes and ferns. The design was used differently in each space but was developed so that on two sides of each room the foliage was positioned to resemble the dense tropical jungle. As the designs move inward into the center of each room, the branches and leaves become more scattered and random, revealing open areas of the background texture.

This design gave life to the concept of bringing the outside of the hotel into the interior space. The shades of cream, intense greens and striking aquas that were used to color the carpet design were influenced by the stones in the local area, as well as the color of the ocean and tropical foliage.

The design for the ballrooms was based on the fantastical nature of the landscape and nature that surrounds the resort. It creates an enchanted mood and is the perfect backdrop for celebrations and weddings. Our concept was to continue that fantasy through the space as if the roots and vines had grown into them. We had to design the carpet as a continuous ‘living’ pattern that moved and evolved througout the very large building. Brintons was the perfect choice to realize this for us. Their expertise when creating no-repeat designs allowed us to collaborate and develop this beautiful place.

Robert Zemnickis

Principal CEO, NuHouse Design Associates

Project name St. Regis Bahia Beach
Project details 50,000 square feet
Designer NuHouse
Installed 2005

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