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Marriott Harbor Beach

The Marriott Harbor Beach is a four star beach resort including oceanfront terraces and a 10,000 square foot ballroom with an oceanfront view. Not satisfied with being just another beach hotel, Marriott put over 50 million dollars into the renovations. They contacted RTKL Associates to shape the interior of the hotel. The Brintons design team created a bespoke large-scale pattern carpet for the ballroom which was made up of five layers of elements and patterns randomly placed in the whole space. The design used textures generated from microscopic patterns seen in coral reefs. These textures were applied to undulating shapes that crashed into the walls and in the backgrounds. Exploding star shapes were layered then scattered randomly over the textures.The final result, using traditional panels and borders, harmonized with the existing interior décor

Excitement, pure excitement. We always knew that it was a difficult and intricate design and always wondered about the outcome. Once the carpet was installed it was amazing. All the colors and textures came alive, the over-scale was very appropriate for the space and the stars on the design look like they were floating in space. The depth on the carpet is unbelievable. This carpet design was a challenge but working with Brintons the process was a smooth one. I am honoured to work with such a talented team that make us look really good

Claudia Machado

RTKL Associates

Project name Marriott Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale
Project details 10,000 square foot ballroom 
Installed September 2011

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