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Kameha Grand Zürich, Switzerland

Newly opened in 2015, the international lifestyle hotel Kameha Grand Zürich offers outstanding contemporary architecture and neo-Baroque interiors. The hotel features 245 rooms featuring six business suites, 11 themed suites, two Executive Suites , the King Kameha Suite, a Space Suite, the Kameha Spa, two restaurants as well as a convention centre, all catering to the needs of travelling business people.

Brintons worked in partnership with world-renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders to supply a unique range of carpets for the spectacular Kameha Grand Zürich.

Created by tecArchitecture and designed by Marcel Wanders, the hotel’s interior is inspired by Swiss Culture. Chocolate patterned wall paneling combined with door handles and mini bars replicating bank safes are contemporary, iconic Swiss references that are featured throughout all of the rooms.

The hotel was a year in development and 8.000,00 m2 of custom Axminster carpet was installed throughout the bedrooms, conference rooms, hallways and even on one of the walls of a premier bedroom. Over 6.000,00 m2 of underlay was also installed to help create a comfortable and stylish finish.

Project name Kameha Grand Zürich, Switzerland
Project details 8.000,00 m2 custom Axminster carpet, 6.000,00 m2 of underlay
Project date March 2015

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