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Grand Hyatt Buckhead Hand Tufted - Atlanta, GA

The Grand Hyatt Buckhead was initially built as a Nikko Hotel in 1990 and has had a long history of partial renovations to diminish its Oreintal overtones since it was converted to The Grand Hyatt.

Brintons senior designer worked closely with Design One Partnership to develop bespoke hand tufter rugs inspired by the illustrations featured in the award winning Timorous Beasties collection. Soft teals and neutrals bring a feeling of elegance and warmth to the space complimenting the right walnut flooring. Each rug was created to give each space its own identity whilst remaining cohesive with the entire lobby area.

Axminster inset rugs were also developed for the elevator lobby and reception areas complimenting the hand tufted rugs provided.

The concept for this heavily used multi faceted space was to bring wonderful "works of art" to the space to soften the architectural envelope. The rugs needed to be a feature element to enjoy but not be demanding the guests attention. The designs are wonderful in the intricate detail found in the pattern, and color as well as the beautiful subtle textures. Brintons was eloquent in finessing and translating the details to make these rugs absolutely stunning.

Suzy Leveille

Principal of Design, ONE Studio

Project name -Grand Hyatt Buckhead
Project details -1,500 sq. yards
Installed -2004

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