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Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology is an international religion that has more than 170 major churches in different parts of the world. All of the churches are very distinctive and unique in their design and inspiration. Gensler, the global architecture and design specialist that has worked with the Church of Scientology since 2006, approached Brintons to design and supply suitable Axminster carpet that would compliment its interior design work at various churches. It chose to work with Brintons because of the depth of its design collections and the quality of its Axminster carpet.

The Church of Scientology is very satisfied with the carpet that Brintons continues to supply to its churches. It is very clear that everyone at Brintons really cares about our projects and the customised carpet that is supplied is always gorgeous and looks great. The Church of Scientology is happy to invest in Brintons carpet because when it looks 10 or 15 years ahead, it doesn't have to worry about issues with wear because Brintons' carpet gives such impressive performance.

Yuka Mizutani

Gensler, Church of Scientology

Project name Church of Scientology
Project details 15,000 square feet
Designer Gensler
Installed 2009

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