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Cactus Petes Casino and Resort

Cactus Pete's is located on the northern border of Nevada and its clientele come from as close as Boise or Twin Falls in Idaho and as far as Canada. Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects was commissioned by the property to refurbish the Granite Range Tower with the design approach of Brintons.

The redesigned tower has spacious rooms and wood decks looking out to the distant hills through the trees. The overall theme of the tower is nature with an urban twist. We brought the maze pattern from the corridor carpet into the hard surface at the entry and bathrooms only in reverse coloration. The custom lighting had twigs and logs and all the artwork had vintage humorous nature photos.

In the corridors we worked on the concept as a natural color palette with a tribal pattern interpretation. Using a maze motif to establish a graduated linear pattern, we added one smaller maze in red. In native lore, whenever they would make anything beaded or decorative they would always have one bead or detail out of place, either by pattern or color. This technique reminded everyone that only the Great Spirit was perfect. Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects carried this earthy maze pattern into the Hospitality Suite with two inset carpets.

Working with Brintons again was a creative adventure. They always help us manifest our artistic vision combined with the practicality of design placement for installation.

Robyn McAdams

Design Director of Interiors,

Project name Cactus Pete's Casino and Resort
Project details 2,345 sq yards of Axminster 918A
Designer Carpenter Sellers del Gatto Architects
Installed September 2012

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