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AIDAblu Cruise Ship

Brintons’ global reputation for delivering cutting-edge design, manufacturing high-quality IMO-approved Axminster carpet and implementing its unrivalled project management skills to ensure every development is completed on time and within budget, meant it was commissioned in 2006 to supply carpet for the next six ships to join the AIDA fleet. AIDAblu is the fourth vessel in the series and was launched in March this year.

Brintons is always very active in making sure it delivers the best possible service and is a partner we like to work with because we know the company well and are confident in the people fulfilling their promises – something that’s very important and something you don’t find too often in the market.Insert content...

Siegfried Schindler

Second Senior Partner, Partner Ship Design

Project name AIDAblu Cruise Ship
Project details 40,000 sq metres of IMO-approved 80% wool 20% nylon woven Axminster
Installed March 2009

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