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We use this blog to share information about our work for the benefit of customers. You can use our archive below to browse previous blogs.

Birmingham City University are showcasing their final year student’s work at The January Furniture Show, which runs between the 24 – 27th January at the NEC Birmingham.

In its 7th year, the Trends project presents the pinnacle of design with students creating a range of new designs inspired by two trends forecast by Colour Hive for Autumn/Winter 2016/17: ‘Strata’ and ‘Play’. The project provides new inspiration and demonstrates how trends can be applied from original design thinking through to end product, it also allows students to create a unique portfolio of ideas from which to convey their employment potential. The trends project doesn’t just give an insight into future talent – it helps mould and support it.

Brintons collaborated with Birmingham City University to create sample rugs based on original designs by Constructed Textile Design students Rosie Williams (Strata) and Chloe Baker (Play); the rugs were manufactured using Brintons revolutionary 32-colour High Definition looms. 

The trends, which Birmingham City University students have interpreted, are STRATA and PLAY:


As our natural world continues to surprise and sometimes alarm us, we realise its significance in the everyday. Strata pays particular attention to geology to better understand the unrefined beauty of the earth, exploring man's influence on nature and vice versa. 


Brimming with creativity and optimism, play inspires us to do just that. Subverting traditional notions of grown up good taste, this trend responds to our inner child, encouraging a cut and paste attitude, full of fun and energy. 

Brintons, is excited to announce the launch of a series of videos to explore the journey of its carpets from fleece to floor.

Fleece to Floor Video

The three videos unveiled today, depict the unique history and heritage of the brand and the intricate details that go into creating each carpet. The short films include a tour of the commercial and residential mills where the carpets are manufactured, the journey from sheep to home and a behind the scenes look at how the videos were developed.

Carpets manufactured by Brintons contain its unique blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, which was pioneered in the 1950s and is now the global standard for carpets. The videos explain how the manufacturer is the single largest user of British wool worldwide with the fleece from one in nine sheep going into a Brintons carpet.

Throughout the first half of the year Brintons will be continuing its video series with a further five short films delving deeper into how the process begins, the design procedure, how the wool is dyed, the crafting of the yarn, and the role of the Warrant Officer.

Brintons, has helped the English Heritage to repeat history at Walmer Castle by supplying 19th century designs from our extensive archive.

Constructed in 1540 by Henry VIII, Walmer Castle is a Tudor castle situated in Walmer, Kent. Housed by the Duke of Wellington from 1829 - 1852 during his position as Lord Warden, the Duke’s bedroom is his final resting place and is a popular tourist attraction maintained by the English Heritage.

As part of a renovation project to restore the Duke of Wellington’s bedroom as it was at the time of his death in 1852, Brintons’ Archivist, Yvonne Smith, was approached by the English Heritage Curator for the South East to explore the archives for a design that reflected the style of the original carpet.

When examining the pattern, English Heritage and Brintons didn’t have any physical carpet to work with, but instead used a watercolour painting of the Duke’s bedroom by painter Thomas Shotter Boys, which still hangs in Walmer Castle. The style of the carpet was identified as a Brussels weave, and a picture of the painting was taken to the archive to find designs that were as close to the original as possible.

Rowena Willard-Wright, Senior Curator for English Heritage South East, said: “When working on the Duke of Wellington’s bedroom restoration project, not only did the carpet design have to be of the right period it also needed to closely approximate the carpet’s design and the colourways represented within the watercolour.”

After examining hand painted design papers from Brintons’ expansive archive, three examples were chosen that were of the era and of similar Brussel’s style to the carpet depicted. 

The English Heritage consulted Linney Carpet Consultants, which specialises in traditional installation methods, regarding the design and the appropriate application methods. To ensure that the period style was completely mirrored, a traditional method of installation was used on the 65sqm of carpet to replicate the original style of the bedroom.

Dewi Hughes, Project Manager at Linney Cooper Carpet Consultants, said: “When we installed the design we used a hem and blued tack method of installation, and all seams were sewed by hand. This method was traditional to the period and would have been used on the original carpets, completely replicating what would have been in the Duke’s bedroom.”

Featuring shades of dull rose pinks, bright terracottas and red fawns, the early Victorian panel designs were transformed into a pattern repeat that reflected the traditional interiors of the 19th Century period.

Rowena, continued: “When working on historical renovations such as Walmer Castle, Brintons’ archive is a national treasure for curators involved in this kind of specialist research and it was fantastic to find a design so close to the original.”

Brintons is excited to announce Santhiya, its fourth Axminster carpet collection with designer Virginia Langley. 

Keeping with Virginia's established style, Santhiya offers a range of handcrafted designs derived from the wonders of nature; where sand, sea, and natural elements inspire the senses.

Tell us what intrigued you to become a designer.

I have always had a deep love of nature. It's always been my inspiration in art & design. What I love about design is the fun & challenge to interpret into pattern what you see & feel inspired about. It can be stylized, abstract or textural. Designing is constant learning & growing; there is never a dull moment!

In the Santhiya collection, debuting fall with Brintons, how did you translate your travel inspiration into this collection? 

Besides nature, travel is definitely the next influence in inspiration for designing for me. Santhiya is Thai for "natural beauty" which is such a great translation for this collection. Santhiya really depicts a graceful & elegant interpretation of fauna & flora & patterns that I've noted over recent travels. From the Saffron Thistle in Australia to the African Protea, to rock & sand textures I've sketched or photographed. These all reflect throughout Santhiya in various modern styles & patterns.

In what way do you keep up with trends?

Trends are an exciting part of designing. The more you research & follow, I believe the stronger a designer you become. From fashion to architecture, art styles to travel destinations, every avenue is an important influence to what's happening & what's coming up strong in future trends.

Where is your next adventure?

The next trip I'm really excited about it going to probably be a "round the world air ticket" excursion at the end of this year. I'll be heading out of LA to New Zealand first & then after Christmas with my family, I'll be flying via Singapore to South Africa to go spend the New Years with cousins I have there. It's a really beautiful place on the coast called Port Alfred in the Cape. After that it's New York & then back to LA. Lots and Lots of awesome places to collect design ideas & get some major inspiration for next year's design collections!

What do you love most about being a designer?

What I love most is being able to be creative, to explore new design techniques & constantly learning & finding ways to combine & interpret trends & fashions & nature into modern designs.

Brintons has entered in the running for Interior Design's Best of Year Awards in the following categories:

Flooring: Carpet/Broadloom

Ciranda, A Virginia Langley Collection

Ciranda, Brintons' fourth Axminster collaboration with designer Virginia Langley, is inspired by the vivacious and hypnotic movements of traditional Brazilian dance. This collection, while highlighting the thriving trends of simplistic textural styling, features dynamic combinations of organic forms with industrial silhouettes. The result is a modern and sophisticated collection bringing music and dance to Axminster carpet design.

Flooring: Carpet/Hospitality

Urban Nomad  by Stacy Garcia

The Urban Nomad Collection, Brintons' seventh collaboration with Stacy Garcia, features culturally inspired designs in a bold, alternative way. While testing the boundaries of traditional practices, Urban Nomad highlights an exciting and authentic blend of organic paisleys, ornamental medallions and henna-inspired motifs. The design influence came from the wanderlust of the global traveler and the boldness of the 1970's nonconformist.

Online voting for Interior Design's Best of Year Awards is open October 5th - 16th.

Brintons has launched its latest collection ‘Brintons Inspirations’. 

The designs have been based on three themes, including tropical, geometric and architectural, and a team of global designers worked to develop a range of mood boards to help feed into the final 12 piece collection.

The collection is available to view online as a digital PDF for clients to download and designs are also available on Brintons’ interactive Design Studio Online, which is a tool for designers and customers to instantly access and search designs. 

Brintons Inspirations

Brintons is celebrating its local heritage by exhibiting at the fourth annual Birmingham Made Me Expo, on the 15 - 19th June. 

Billed as the most important celebration of design led manufacturing capabilities and achievements in the region, Brintons will be showcasing three custom made carpets, which have been created in our Kidderminster factory.

One of the displays will be the award winning Deep Grid carpet, which was created in collaboration with designer Christian Zuzunaga. The carpet, which received the Wallpaper* Design Award for Best Pixilation, is currently available as part of Brintons Zuzunaga High Definition Weave collection. 

This is the fourth year in a row that Brintons has exhibited at the Expo, which is taking place this year at Millennium Point in Birmingham City Centre, and the four day event will include conference and workshops from the celebrated manufacturers, as well as shining a spotlight on emerging talent. 

Image top right: Brintons Zuzunaga Deep Grid Design

Image bottom right: Millenium Point, Birmingham

Brintons paired up with Wolf-Gordon  to host a private VIP luncheon at Border Grill during the HD Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. 

Brintons were excited to showcase our latest collaborations with designers Virginia Langley and Stacy Garcia.

Urban Nomad, Stacy Garcia's seventh collection with Brintons, debuted this May at the Brintons + Wolf Gordon VIP luncheon at Border Grill. 

Inspired by the distinctive aesthetic of Nouveau Boho, Urban Nomad is a collective gathering of culturally inspired designs containing influences from around the globe. The collection highlights an exciting and authentic blend of organic paisleys, ornamental medallions, and henna inspired motifs.

Pictured to the left: Urban Nomad display at Border Grill 

Featuring an effect reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, layers of clashing colors adorn the free flowing displays contained in each design. Free of regard and conventional rules, Urban Nomad tests the boundaries of traditional practices to present a bold alternative collection.

Pictured to the right: Brintons team alongside Stacy Garcia's team

Ciranda, Virginia Langley's third collection with Brintons, launched in April of this year.

Virginia Langley's third collection with Brintons brings music & dance to carpet design. The Ciranda, a traditional Brazilian dance comprised of vivacious & hypnotic movements, creates an inviting environment of harmony & grace.

 Pictured to the left: Ciranda installation at Border Grill

Brought to life in a variety of detailed layers, The Ciranda collection is a contemporary abstract interpretation based on the thriving trends of simplistic textural styling. These textures blend  with silhouettes of organic, industrial, & technologically inspired shapes, giving a dynamic combination of modern & sophisticated elements.

Pictured to the right: Brintons Latin America Representative with Virginia Langley 

Brintons most recent collection, Ciranda by Virginia Langley, debuts Spring 2015.

The Ciranda, a traditional Brazilian dance comprised of vivacious and hypnotic movements, creates an inviting environment of harmony and grace.

An excerpt from Virgina Langley on her inspiration for Ciranda:

“ Whether is has been to Europe, the Islands of Fiji, or to South America; the many places I have been fortunate to visit have traditional dancers adorned with flowing fabrics, natural grasses, & sometimes local flora. To me, dance is a time to be expressive & creative by following a rhythm to feel light-hearted & free. I hope these designs bring these same feelings & atmosphere everywhere they go.”

To view Virginia's previous collections with Brintons: Camélia Rose & Arenzano

Portland  + SRG Partnership + Brintons = PDX Carpet Cult

In the 1980s Portland, Oregon was naive to the impending influx of computer related industry that the 1990s would bring. This boom in jobs brought with it a steady flow of young employers, web developers, and graphic designers. The culture was changing across the United States and left Portland one of the fastest growing cities in the 90s.

SRG Partnership were tasked with the PDX renovation in 1987 and began conducting research on airports across the country with regionally inspired design concepts. SRG reached the conclusion of a geometric design based on the interpretation of the runway on the radio tower radar screens. The theme about flight catered to international travellers while the geometric design and saturated colors reflected the essence of the Northwest.

The design concept was brought into fruition when SRG specified Brintons to fill the airport with  Axminster 80/20 wool blend carpet. This quintessential Portland design was translated in to a heavy-wearing wool carpet that would last for the next 20 years. The quality of Brintons Axminster product has presented the platform for this cult-like following to generate.

(See #PDXcarpet)

The PDX carpet will live on to surpass the brutal uprooting from it’s original home. PDX Airport implemented an application process and has chosen four different companies and organizations to donate the iconic carpet to. The carpet will continue it’s legacy as mouse pads, cat furniture, rugs, doormats, framed souvenirs, as well as, a multitude of other things.

You can celebrate the life of the iconic PDX carpet today, @ PDX Carpet Fest, from 8am – 2pm, at the lovely PDX Airport.

The grade I listed Sudbury Hall is a country house in Derbyshire which is owned and maintained by the National Trust.  Built in 1660 by George Vernon the house is notable for its superb Great Staircase, fine Long Gallery, and portraits by John Michael Wright.

Sudbury Hall was used by the BBC as the location for the Pemberley House in the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Erle.

Brintons was approached by Andrew Barber, Curator at the National Trust to identify suitable carpet designs for the staircase at Sudbury Hall.

Andrew visited Brintons extensive archive in Kidderminster to look for a design that complemented the style of the property.

A (late) Victorian design was selected, created in 1885, it features an allover floral design in rich red tones with a pretty scroll and floral border. The design was chosen from Brintons extensive archive, which dates back to 1790. It is one of the world's largest commercial design archives and historical pattern libraries in the industry.

Image top right: Yvonne Smith, Brintons Archivist with Andrew Barber, Curator, National Trust at Sudbury Hall

Image bottom right: Staircase at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

Brintons at BDNY 2014

21st November 2014

Brintons joins the Stacy Garcia Brew House buzz at this year's BDNY

Brintons joined Stacy Garcia's Brew House at this year's BDNY. BDNY describes a few of the many reasons to attend the trade fair: "Boutique Design New York (BDNY), now in its fifth year, presents more than 500+ unique and innovative exhibitors of furniture, lighting, wall coverings, fabric, seating, accessories, artwork, carpet and flooring, materials, bath and spa for hospitality interiors. Designers, architects, purchasing executives and developers will find carefully edited, high-end, unique and innovative resources.

The Curator at Stacy Garcia's Brew House

 Brintons Americas Design Director, Nadia Burton, combined separate designs from The Curator to provide a exclusive piece for the space at BDNY.

Stacy Garcia  describes the custom carpet on her design blog, BDNY 2014 Recap: "An eccentric gallery of wonderfully mastered traditional design elements, propelled into the future through the use of color, scale, and pattern play. We absolutely loved the outcome of this custom engineered design!"

To view the entire collection: Stacy Garcia - The Curator

The Stacy Garcia Brew House featured a craft beer tasting paired with city-inspired snacks, while simultaneously creating an energetic arena full of innovative design. Bernhardt Hospitality and Lebatex also showcased their collaborative products at The Brew House. Pictured to the right is Brintons Americas Marketing Director, Heather Wood, enjoying the buzzing environment of BDNY with the SG Team.

Lebatex and Bernhardt Hospitality showcased their collaborative Stacy Garcia designs alongside Brinton's The Curator, creating an eclectic and dynamic experience for visitors of The Stacy Garcia Brew House.

Left to right: Katie Gluibizzi (SG), Amy Hanenberg (SG), Heather Wood (Brintons), Aimee Wray (SG)

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