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Mexican Mosaics and Resilient Ruins

3rd October 2017

With pockets full of color inspiration stitched together using Mexico's energetic cultural threads, Brintons Americas Senior Designer, Kathryn (Katie) Nerhbauer, returns from a warm week of travels. Katie shares with us her vibrant Mexican experience and the palette she brought back home as a souvenir. 

It’s always refreshing to travel to a new place and witness the vivid spectrum and unfamiliar combinations of colors. My trip to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico was indeed restorative – full of history, natural beauty, and culture.

We visited the ancient Mayan archeological site of Tulum and wandered around ruins overlooking a cliff on the Gulf of Mexico. I was inspired by the many different natural textures from eroded limestone, to tropical foliage, to white sand beaches and sparkling crystal blue water.

Back in Playa Del Carmen, we got to take in the modern beach lifestyle. Seeing traditional craft techniques re-imagined in contemporary design applications like embroidery, mosaics, woodworking, and painting, challenged the way I view standard pattern practices.

The best part about traveling is experiencing another place's "normal" for the first time. Everyday things like mosaic tile, flowers, or even eroded rock can seem mundane, but when you look at them from a fresh perspective they become inspiring.

October color story inspired by Mexican mosaics and resilient ruins.

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