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Changing the Vehicle - Why Credence is a Step in a New Direction

21st October 2016

In years passed, designers referenced physical books full of patterns, coordinates, and their color variations.

This hands-on approach made way for the collection binder and the much sought after space in design libraries. With an all-encompassing rise in connectivity, manufacturers are much more plugged in to end users, architects, and interior designers. We no longer need to physically exist in their library spaces, and frankly they no longer want us to. The days of the bulky three ring binders are gone.

Identity in a library was defined by bold design and a contrasting logo on a thick spine.

Credence was approached with the knowledge that we can take a different angle when creating our collections, and revamp the vehicle we use to get the message across. Not only are we sharing information; design numbers, repeat sizes, and color palettes, but these elements, much like the elements of the ever-changing work force, can be functional & aesthetically pleasing. 

The vehicle has changed from a three ring binder to a bound design book. We've tailored the total pattern count down to twelve feature designs, dedicated a two page spread to tell each design's story, and treated the color palette as a balancing element rather than simply information. The Credence brochure is a large format design book, created to inspire in print but designed with the digital interface in mind.

We have not lost all need for tactility – we are simply changing the vehicle.

However, the cover treatment has remained steadfast with a feature pattern wrapping around the brochure. Kathryn Nerhbauer, our designer behind the cover, explains her inspiration and process on creating the feature Credence pattern.

"Inspiration for this design came from an aerial photograph of a coastline. I had been working on a beach front property with direction from the client to use the location as inspiration. I wanted the design to be abstract enough to avoid the obvious, but still relatable by capturing the qualities in the coastline. I began by looking at photographs of beaches and thinking about the physicality of different elements; water, sand, rocks, etc. I looked at work by landscape photographer Richard Woldendorp, admiring how he captured abstracted views of earth in such a breathtaking way. The design had to be enormous scale, so a person standing on this carpet would feel like the design went on forever - just like the coastline. In my design process, I developed layers and textures based on the beach elements and played around with filters to distort the images. The final design was developed through an intensive layering process, and now exists as the face of Credence. Our Credence collection is quite versatile and right on trend with what is happening in the hospitality market. It is amazing how the designs in this collection can transform simply by recoloring them, and I think our clients will be pleased with the possibilities." - Kathryn Nehrbauer, Senior Designer, Brintons Americas

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