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Sneak Peek of New Collection: Ciranda by Virginia Langley

13th April 2015

Brintons most recent collection, Ciranda by Virginia Langley, debuts Spring 2015.

The Ciranda, a traditional Brazilian dance comprised of vivacious and hypnotic movements, creates an inviting environment of harmony and grace.

An excerpt from Virgina Langley on her inspiration for Ciranda:

“ Whether is has been to Europe, the Islands of Fiji, or to South America; the many places I have been fortunate to visit have traditional dancers adorned with flowing fabrics, natural grasses, & sometimes local flora. To me, dance is a time to be expressive & creative by following a rhythm to feel light-hearted & free. I hope these designs bring these same feelings & atmosphere everywhere they go.”

To view Virginia's previous collections with Brintons: Camélia Rose & Arenzano

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