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Design Insight: Q&A with Virginia Langley

16th October 2015

Brintons is excited to announce Santhiya, its fourth Axminster carpet collection with designer Virginia Langley. 

Keeping with Virginia's established style, Santhiya offers a range of handcrafted designs derived from the wonders of nature; where sand, sea, and natural elements inspire the senses.

Tell us what intrigued you to become a designer.

I have always had a deep love of nature. It's always been my inspiration in art & design. What I love about design is the fun & challenge to interpret into pattern what you see & feel inspired about. It can be stylized, abstract or textural. Designing is constant learning & growing; there is never a dull moment!

In the Santhiya collection, debuting fall with Brintons, how did you translate your travel inspiration into this collection? 

Besides nature, travel is definitely the next influence in inspiration for designing for me. Santhiya is Thai for "natural beauty" which is such a great translation for this collection. Santhiya really depicts a graceful & elegant interpretation of fauna & flora & patterns that I've noted over recent travels. From the Saffron Thistle in Australia to the African Protea, to rock & sand textures I've sketched or photographed. These all reflect throughout Santhiya in various modern styles & patterns.

In what way do you keep up with trends?

Trends are an exciting part of designing. The more you research & follow, I believe the stronger a designer you become. From fashion to architecture, art styles to travel destinations, every avenue is an important influence to what's happening & what's coming up strong in future trends.

Where is your next adventure?

The next trip I'm really excited about it going to probably be a "round the world air ticket" excursion at the end of this year. I'll be heading out of LA to New Zealand first & then after Christmas with my family, I'll be flying via Singapore to South Africa to go spend the New Years with cousins I have there. It's a really beautiful place on the coast called Port Alfred in the Cape. After that it's New York & then back to LA. Lots and Lots of awesome places to collect design ideas & get some major inspiration for next year's design collections!

What do you love most about being a designer?

What I love most is being able to be creative, to explore new design techniques & constantly learning & finding ways to combine & interpret trends & fashions & nature into modern designs.

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