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Internal Insight: From the Eyes of an Intern

3rd September 2014

Lydia Day, Kennesaw State University's School of Art and Design student, has recently joined the Brintons team as a Marketing and Design Intern in our Atlanta  office. 

Everything about the textile industry is new to me and I am thrilled to be taking my first steps with Brintons. This company has shattered any preconcieved notions I had on the creation and installation of carpet design. The functionality of flooring fails to override the possibility of intricate design work- perfectly combining art and purpose. This capability drew me in.

Thus far, art has been confined to the physical location of the wall. Brintons expels this detention and has allowed me to think about art and design in a whole new light- the floor!

My personal work revolves around the social binary of life and death. The most recent series, titled The Fourth Kingdom, utilizes the abstraction and repetitions of naturally occurring patterns in fungi. I have found inspiration in various biological structures and exploit them to create mysterious and complicated compositions to better understand the entity of death. I have spent countless hours scouring the forest floor and trees, of local wooded areas, in search of reference photos. My color palette remains dark with splashes of oranges, purples, and whites derived from my finds. This series began as strictly oil paintings but, like fungus, easily spread into other areas of concentration. The Fourth Kingdom includes sculptural works, ceramic pieces, printmaking, book arts, mixed media resin works, as well as acrylic mixed media paintings. 

An excerpt from Lydia Day's artist statement:

"This series is based upon the idea that death fails to exist as an ending point on a timeline. The artwork shown here expresses the cyclical nature of life and death, and fills the lungs of the viewer with relief from the anxiety of impending death. By using fungi, the biological aid in decomposition, I am allowed to show the continuation of the circle of life. Here, biology collides with sociology to create images attempting to eradicate the suggestive 'ending' of life."

Artists continually struggle to bridge the gap between creator and viewer. In a typical environment where art is observed the design-viewer relationship is strict and distant. This leaves the artist a brief wall description to enhance the viewers experience of the piece. Putting art into flooring allows the artist to alleviate the awkward distance often accompanying art viewing, and heighten the level of intimacy for the viewer. When an entire space is swallowed by design, that you can literally tread upon, the whole experience is radically changed. Brintons'  unique High Definition Weave technology spawns this enhanced opportunity without sacrificing details of design.

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