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High Definition Weave Inspiration

6th August 2014

by Gavin McDowell, Senior Field Designer

High Definition Weave is a medium that allows the artist to create anything the mind can imagine, from the richly embellished, flamboyant carpets of the past to very chic, contemporary textures. Its like painting on a blank canvas! Repeats are limitless and the scale can be any size. With up to 32 colors at hand, beautifully complex layers of design can be created with subtle tones and blended palettes. Even the simplest of designs can be reimagined with sophisticated faux textural effects embedded in the design.

With our globally connected culture at Brintons, and our historic archive in the UK, our design team is uniquely talented and positioned to create ingenious art.

You can see my recent contribution to our HD Weave collection in the New Classics section. I use Pinterest and other innovative design websites regularly to narrow my search on just about any subject. I am inspired by men's couture fashion, global music trends, world politics and their impact/exposure on regional art and culture. I love trying to find ways to create new effects and interesting textures.

I have great respect for the "old masters" of the Axminster industry and consider myself fortunate to have seen that part of our history as the industry has changed so much during my career to date. I pull inspiration from those days, and as we reimagine the world ahead, New Classics is an example of my homage to the past with a cutting edge modern translation!

About Gavin- He graduated with an honors degree in Textile Design from University of Belfast (UK) and interned for a design studio in London. He has lived and studied in Australia and has enjoyed exploring much of the North and West coast of France. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and 3 teenage children.

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