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Brintons new Timorous Beasties stocked collection

25th March 2014

Brintons Carpets have joined forces with Timorous Beasties, the award winning Glaswegian design house, to create a beautiful and dramatic range of broadloom carpets. The collection is available from stock and is perfect for quick-turnaround projects where timing is of the essence.

Noted for their surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers, Timorous Beasties challenge traditional conventions with their use of heavily illustrative insects, plants, birds and butterflies, wood grain and leaves. Inspired by popular Timorous Beasties designs, the collection is a mixture of large scale elegant designs.

The designs in this collection work with a larger scale and the avoidance of symmetry, favouring balance through composition to create a more individual interior. From the dense use of solid geometric texture and floral shapes of Linen Damask (shown top right) to the gentle meandering sprawl of the Ruskin Butterfly (shown bottom left), with its delicate organic background texture.

The Grain du Bois creates a free flowing weighted pattern, developed from drawings of wood grains, where the colours can blend or contrast with each other depending on where your view point is in the room. Botanical, plays with large scale floral motifs broken up by a look of transparency, a layered effect derived from ways of over printing with hand screens to build up a more complex image from a simple design. Atholl Gardens, is the combining of birds perching on a garden gate, where nature blends with ornate man-made, creating a more interesting silhouette.

This latest collection of designs is a bold statement of design intent and adds to Brintons and Timorous Beasties’ previous collaborations. The Timorous Beasties by Brintons Carpet Collection, consists of 5 designs in 12 colour ways and launches this April.

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