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Brintons archive helps transform The Nursery Suite at Audley End House

30th July 2014

Brintons was approached by Annabel Westman, Historic Furnishing Textiles Consultant to identify suitable carpet designs for the renovation of The Nursery Suite at Audley End House, Essex. 

Annabel visited Brintons extensive archive in Kidderminster with English Heritage Curator Tom Boggis to look for a design that complemented the Victorian design style of the rooms.

Two designs were selected, a small all over floral pattern and a pretty scroll, both dating from the (early) Victorian period. 

The renovation project was unveiled to the public in February this year and cost £1.1 million.

Visitors can now experience what the Nursery was like in 1830s when the 3rd Lord and Lady Braybrooke and their young family were living at the house.

The nursery suite of rooms on the second floor provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the eight children (five boys, three girls), their governess, nursemaids and tutors. Visitors are able to experience the rooms as they were intended with a host of toys to play with and items to explore as they delve into the story of childhood in a Victorian country house.

Image top and middle right: Yvonne Smith, Brintons Archivist with Tom Boggis, Curator, English Heritage at Audley End House looking at the original design papers.

Image bottom right: Audley End House. Essex

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