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Design Watch 2014

23rd October 2013

By: Jaime Ross, Chicago Senior Field Designer

The rise of social media has created a desire to share our individual experiences with the world. This new breed of individuality has spawned a new kind of traveler. Travelers now seek a very personalized experience. They want to see unique décor, their sense of “identity” important. Public spaces need to become a designer’s blank canvas, and have no spaced untouched of individuality.

With the surge of social media, alternative accommodations have also become popular among travelers. is a growing community of homeowners that offer accommodations to travelers in 192 countries around the world at affordable rates. Oftentimes, the homes are rated on the overall uniqueness, aesthetic, and comfort level.

This new sense of self and individuality is forcing the hotel industry to rethink their design schemes. Some major hotel brands have already started shifting towards a more boutique look.

Ethnic patterns were first seen in street clothing and are now working their way into flooring. These patterns blend together to create a “new worldly bohemian” look as opposed to referencing specific tribes.

Carpet trends: ethnic textiles, chevron stripes, bold large scale patterns, gradients, abstract textures, distressed geometrics

Color trends: bright bolds, grey scale, graphic texturing, neon accessories

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