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Brintons unveiled as winner of Tomorrow’s Guestrooms Competition

12th July 2013

Brintons have unveiled their winning designs to hundreds of industry and media professionals at Hotel ICON’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms Competition Launch. With a view to set new standards for hoteliers globally, The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University asked hotel suppliers to present the products that would shape guestrooms of the future.

Brintons was delighted to be crowned winner of designing the future of hotel carpets, presenting their pioneering High Definition Weave technology, which can weave up to 32 colours in a single Axminster carpet giving their customers unrivalled design definition and colour choice. Brintons was invited to display carpet for all three of Hotel ICON’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms, and even supplied custom designed carpet for the hallway that connects the rooms.

The launch event took place on the 8th of July at SHTM and included a site visit to each of Hotel ICON’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms. Each of the winning suppliers were given the opportunity to meet with industry professionals and the media to explain what makes their product worthy of winning their category.

Louis Sung, who was presented the award on behalf of Brintons Carpets at the launch event, said he has already received enormous positive feedback; “I would say that it was a pleasant surprise how well this event turned out. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the SHTM, Hotel ICON and many guests from the hotel industry. Our carpet really speaks for itself – it’s impressive not only in design, but in how we manufacture, and this was the perfect vehicle to show the world exactly that”.

Each of the three rooms were given a different theme; Technology, Well-being and Design. Brintons presented a futurist fingerprint design interspersed with graphic matrix-like coding for the Technology room. The second room, based on Well-Being features a tranquil water drop design. Focusing on calm colours, Brintons’ HD Weave technology gives definition to each ripple the illusion of walking on water. The third room focuses on Design, with Brintons incorporating a crisp flower in vibrant blues and whites to highlight their HD Weave capabilities.

All of the winning products and services will be tested and reviewed by guests of Hotel ICON for a period of six months, which is now open for reservation.

Click on the link below to see a video from the Wall St Journal on the global competition.

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