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Brintons Successfully Resolve Copyright Case in Korea

12th August 2013

Brintons stakes its reputation on providing quality manufactured and beautifully designed woven carpets to its customers worldwide. As a result of being the leader in their field, Brintons occasionally finds itself in the middle of copyright infringement cases. While copyright laws vary substantially from country to country, Brintons is delighted in the successful resolution of one such copyright infringement case in Korea.

A carpet company operating in Korea had copied the design of Brintons Espana for a wedding hall. The dealer admitted to infringing on Brintons copyright and agreed to cease any future infringements on Brintons intellectual property.

Integrity of design is important to Brintons customers, so the company has a real focus on ensuring cheap imitations are kept out of the market. While cheaper imitations may look the same on the surface, it is only once the carpet is installed and fails to live up to the high standard of wear that a Brintons carpet does, will the true cost of an imitation really come to light.

As a trusted global company with leading technology, Brintons processes and expertise comes from over 230 years of experience. Brintons invests significant resource in design development as this is an important part of what makes a Brintons carpet special, its experience in crafting quality woven carpet cannot be replicated easily.

This case has been highlighted in the Korean press after the successful resolution, further emphasising the importance of copyright in the region. With worldwide design studios specialised in forecasting regional trends and interpreting it in a woven carpet, a Brintons carpet truly is a beautiful product to posses.

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