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Another piece of Brintons history preserved

22nd July 2013

Two Gripper Jacquard Axminster looms that were previously displayed in the reception area at the Brintons Exchange Street offices were unveiled in their new home at the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster.

The Axminster looms that were built by Brintons engineer, Reg Bayliss, were cleaned and restored and put into glass display cases where they can be admired by carpet enthusiasts and historians for years to come. They were revealed by Reg’s twin sister, Dot Barrie, accompanied by Melvyn Thompson, Historian to Carpet Museum (and former Project Engineer at Brintons); Charles Talbot, Chairman of the Carpet Museum Trust.  Also present were Dave Maggs, Former Weaving Manager and a colleague of Reg; John Insull, another colleague who made some of the parts and Paula Kovács, Museum Manager.

The Museum of Carpet is located in Stour Vale Mill, Kidderminster and is the only museum in the country dedicated to carpets and carpet making. For more information about the museum, please visit their website

Image top right: Charles Talbot, Dot Barrie and Melvyn Thompson

Image bottom left: 12ft Gripper Jacquard Axminster Loom Model (1909 - 1968)

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