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NEWH Art of Design 2012 Chair Competition, Las Vegas, Nevada

15th September 2012

Winner of Sustainability Award

By Karl Nash, intern

Six weeks ago I was asked to lead a student team and enter the NEWH Art of Design 2012 Chair competition. The objective was that 24 teams competed made up of students, individuals and firms including some of the biggest hospitality design companies of Las Vegas, such as Wynn Development, YWS International, Steelman Partners and The Friedmutter Group just to name but a few. We were all supplied with the same IKEA Pine chair "IVAR" and then given six weeks to redesign and create some design magic.

Over the four years of study at The Art Institute of Las Vegas & California I had established a "sustainable" aesthetic. Therefore staying true to myself I came up with a completely sustainable chair with a big thank you to Brintons USA who supplied the carpet materials and who also share in that sustainability philosophy.

On Saturday 15th September 2012 at 6pm at The Brett Wesley Gallery in downtown Las Vegas we all met for the judging. There were four award categories, Professional Panel, People's Choice, Sustainability & Highest bid and I won the Sustainability award.

The Carpet High Roller

"Everyone gambles in Vegas... just look at all the other chairs. With our high-backed, carpet roll-padded chair, we've gambled to win on sustainability. Our chair is made from recycled wood, green glue and discarded carpet samples provided by Brintons, even a hint of beets juice as a wood stain. At a total cost of $22.16 for materials, we've recycled our High Roller into a comfortable lounge chaise. Hope you enjoy The High Roller and thanks for helping us Save The Planet."

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