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Colour and design trends for 2012-13

24th August 2012

To respond to local design trends Brintons employs a talented team of designers, strategically placed around the globe, who are passionate about all aspects of art and design. We are continuously on the look-out for upcoming trends in interiors (fabrics, wall coverings and paints) and emerging influences on fashion, lifestyle, culture and the commercial sector.

Brintons designers harness this diverse array of inspiration to create mood boards which give a snapshot of what is current, falling, rising and up-and-coming in future style statements. We use these mood boards to define the next generation of products, colour and design styles.

All of our designers engage and share in this process, to ensure that our products are completely up-to-date with world-wide trends in all of the markets we operate in, remain relevant and on trend in local markets and most importantly reflect the needs of our clients.

Brintons global design team have come together to identify five emerging colour and design trends for hospitality and commercial interior floors for 2012-13:

  1. Super-scale patterns: Small-scale designs which have long been the staple of hotel guestrooms and corridors have been superseded by more dramatic, large scale patterns. This trend is proving popular in helping hotels to achieve a true design statement, allowing them to express their own personality and create a visitor experience which is truly unique.
  2. Quirky combinations: An emerging trend for 2012-13 is to ‘mix it up’. There is no need to be regimented in committing to a particular theme or colour palette for your interior. Themes are less obvious and less formulaic. Combining the unexpected introduces a quirkiness and element of surprise to make an interior instantly memorable. An interesting trend is for non matching floor tiles. It sounds wrong, but in fact it looks amazing with the right designs.
  3. Elemental colour with electrifying accents: 2013 will be a time to celebrate the beauty of nature. Colour palettes will take on a cooler tone with deep charcoals emerging in interiors. Greys tinged with green will also come through strong. Natural order will prevail and simple suggestions of classic stone, ivory and taupe will balance deeper earthy tones. Accent colours will inject life into natural palettes. Zesty limes, fiery paprika and punchy plums teals will add interest and drama to an interior space. 
  4. A new direction for monochromes: Black, charcoal, grey and pure white in classic large designs creates a modern interior ambience but still celebrates pattern by mixing large scale damasks with smaller repeating designs. This interior backdrop is brought to life with brights of pure colours in individual accents in special feature pieces.
  5. Architectural simplicity: Pure design and clean graphics influenced by architecture will infuse interiors in the coming months. In carpets a combination of geometric and organic textures and layered effects will be prominent.

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