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Brintons Vivienne Westwood Dress on display at the Science Museum London

23rd November 2012

The Science Museum in London has a Vivienne Westwood Axminster Morning Gown and shoes made from Brintons carpet on display in the Challenge of Materials exhibit. The items are on loan from Brintons extensive archive.

The gown is part of a collection designed by Vivienne Westwood for Brintons '1783 collection' advertising campaign in 1995. It weighs 15kg and the back of the carpet had to be softened in order to manipulate it in to shape. Fashion seamstresses had to use the help of Brinton's special carpet joining machinery to sew the thick heavy carpet in to such a precise and fine shape.

There are also a pair of Axminster Carpet Shoes on display, Brintons Axminster carpet was glued to a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes for the same Brintons advertising campaign as the morning gown. 

The 1783 Campaign

This collection was based around the era that Brintons started. Model/actress Saffron Burrows and Andreas Kronthaler were used. Vivienne Westwood was the designer and the photography was by David Bailey. 

Several of the images used were the Annabelle Shepherdess, Majestic Hunting Coat, Astley Court Ballgown and Dynasty Morning Gown.

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